Cloud Desktops

All your critical apps and data in one place

Cloud Desktops from CadreNET provides you with a robust cloud-based work environment, offering both flexibility and security. With an intuitive dashboard, all your business file and data are stored in one place allowing you to access them from anywhere at anytime.

Have access to everything you need and from any device to collaborate more efficiently than ever before. Our centralized management system protects your data and make it easy for you to comply with regulatory requirements.

Benefits of CadreNET’s Cloud Desktops include:

  • All your applications fully hosted and managed by our team of experts
  • Unified and branded access for your organization
  • Centralized file system that boosts accessibility and collaboration
  • Control permissions and file access by group and user
  • 99.99% service level agreement for maximum uptime
  • Disaster recovery features for your peace of mind
  • No on-site servers and no more managing desktops and software updates
  • 24/7 support whenever you need us

Streamline business processes and enjoy secure access to all your files conveniently located in one place. Don’t wait to make your workplace more agile and secure.