Information management and tracking made easy

Cadre-DM from CadreNET offers powerful enterprise content management (ECM) and document management solution that lets you say goodbye to the hassles of finding and tracking information for good.

Save all your files and documents directly to Cadre-DM from any application and take the headache out from finding the correct information.

Benefits of Cadre-DM from CadreNET:

  • Easy management and tracking of documents, information and processes
  • Quick discovery of information based on content and metadata attributes
  • Unique meta-driven architecture with check-in and check-out features to eliminate problems of data loss
  • Key-word searches that let you do away with endless navigation of complex folders
  • Advanced reporting as well as mobile access
  • Easy to deploy and implement with cloud, on-premise and hybrid options
  • Simplified work processes and improved productivity

According to a survey of 1,000 managers by Accenture, 59% said they miss important information almost every day because they can’t find it. Don’t be a statistic! Simplify your work processes and say goodbye to document hunting for good.