Protect your business today while preparing it for tomorrow

Successful businesses share a several things in common: they work hard, work smart and protect what matters most - their critical data. So if you don’t have a business continuity solution ready, you’ve come to the right place.

CadreNET’s Cadre BCS provides seamless and secure backup, disaster recovery and business continuity solution to businesses of all size regardless of infrastructure whether virtual or multi-platform.

CadreBCS from CadreNET gives you:

  • Robust protection of your data on virtual or multi-platform infrastructure
  • Unlimited cloud storage with a predictable billing model
  • Secure off-site backup, disaster recovery and business continuity that maximizes productivity
  • Reduced downtime through data accessibility and fast recovery within minutes
  • Scalable business continuity solution that grows with your business
  • Image-based backup for quick full system restores and easy recovery

Avoid the huge problems that arise when disaster strikes. Ensure your peace of mind and defend your business with the protection it deserves.