CadreNET SECURE Cloud Fax

Faxing is universal and ubiquitous. It unites companies large and small, from sophisticated cities to remote areas.


Genuine control

Administrators have full control to manage users, set their access and permissions, adjust security settings and generate reports for maximum efficiency. Groups can collaborate, view, file, send or export documents from any location. Use enhanced search and filtering with custom folders to make organizing, finding and filing documents easier than ever.


Uncompromising security

Security is our highest priority. And if it’s yours too, you’ll appreciate the plethora of physical, organizational and technical measures we use to keep protected information, protected.


Great flexibility

Get one account with loads of options. Multiple organizations or sub-organizations in multiple locations can have multiple fax lines and multiple users and share the same plan. You don’t need a paid account for each location or fax line, nor do we limit the number of users for each account.


Transparent fees

We only charge for successfully delivered faxes: not for part-faxes, odd pages, retries and unsuccessful faxes. You pay once for a successfully delivered fax page – that’s it. Check out the small print and beware of any “unlimited plans”.


(Very) careful use of email

We see email as a risk when sending sensitive information. CadreNetfax only uses it for notifications (if you select that option). Use of email to send and receive sensitive documents is simply not HIPAA compliant.


HIPAA / PCI Compliant

We designed CadreNetfax to meet the rigors of healthcare and other industries concerned about sensitive documents and data. We have a Compliance Officer and take it so seriously that every person in maintaining and managing fax servers has undergone background checks and completed HIPAA training. We sign Business Associate Agreements (BAAs) every day for HIPAA compliance.


Superior performance

Unlike manual faxing or fax servers or lower-grade services, CadreNetfax enables users to send and receive unlimited faxes at the same time. Drag and drop annotations and digital signatures (that meet government requirements) onto the page. Find and manage your contacts into groups and share them across your organization, or keep to yourself.


No robots, just humans

We have a great (human) support team based in New York, NY who work alongside the development team and that makes an enormous difference. We like getting tickets so we can track everything, but you can call us anytime. Try phoning other competitors up!