• Hosted Servers

    We provide businesses with an enterprise class, scalable and secure hosted server environment. Built on an industry standard hypervisor, our solutions have the capacity to support multiple guest operating systems, enabling you to power a wide variety of workloads at an affordable cost.

  • DaaS

    Our Desktop-as-a-Service offers a high quality real-live desktop experience. Your desktops are now available anytime, anywhere and on any device. Our Service ensures your business data remains private and secure for a fixed all-inclusive fee.

  • VPC

    Tired of setting up physical IT infrastructure and being confronted with complexity and huge costs over and over again?
    We deliver businesses like yours with fixed, all -inclusive monthly fee- based Virtual Private Cloud service joining power and flexibility AND making any physical office IT obsolete.

  • DBaaS

    Are you puzzled with the complexity that setting up a database inevitably delivers? Is it difficult for you to see clear through the many different databases set up in many different locations with many different settings? Consolidated all your databases with our Database-as-a-Service and benefit from its flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

The Intelligent Choice for Cloud Services

Future of Office IT

CadreNet Inc is a “Cloud Services Provider” or CSP that caters to the requirements of both small and large businesses. Small businesses need a rich set of capabilities to minimize the cost of their IT efforts, while large businesses have complex IT Infrastructure demands. CadreNet Inc solves these fundamental business problems by offering tailored cloud solutions coupled with managed services designed for each of these business segments.

Hosted Public Cloud IT Infrastructures for small business that provide Desktop-as-a-Service. Hosted enterprise class servers for large business delivering DR-as-a-Service. All is customized to suit your company's need at an affordable monthly fee.

You have the option to access raw compute and memory resources to configure and manage your company's IT needs OR you can opt for our fully managed and monitored services, enabling you to focus on your business while we take care of your IT. Our services come with options for backup and disaster recovery and our secure expandable high-speed storage was built to support any storage requirement you might have. Our IT Infrastructure is hosted within a top-class US datacenter.

To ensure your security, our platform is SSAE 16 compliant with built-in multi-tenancy. Your environment is logically isolated using vLANs and firewalls along with data encryption using today’s industry standard 256-bit AES encryption solutions.

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